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Daniel Pisarski, Powertrain & Vehicle Manufacturing, Ford

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the University of Michigan student chapter of SPE during a luncheon hosted by the Michigan Materials Society. During the talk, I emphasized the various ways students can benefit from the organization in terms of professional development, networking, and outreach. I shared my experience volunteering as a student moderator at SPE AutoEPCON for seven years, which was a driving force for my interest in plastics within the automotive industry. For students engaged in research, I shared information about the poster conference at AutoEPCON and encouraged everyone to apply for the SPE Detroit Section Scholarship by sharing my own experiences with the application process. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm of the students, as someone who was in their shoes just a few years ago.

In addition to highlighting opportunities for involvement, I also shared insights into how the automotive industry is using additive manufacturing to create sustainable solutions. With the help of new materials and processes, the industry is making significant strides towards reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Ford Motor Company is exploring the use of recycled materials in additive manufacturing, further promoting sustainability. It was exciting to discuss these advancements with the students and see their interest in how responsible plastics engineering can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Overall, the visit to the University of Michigan student chapter was a great opportunity to engage with the next generation of material scientists and plastics engineers. It was encouraging to see the passion and excitement of these students, and I am confident that they will continue to make significant contributions to the industry. SPE is committed to supporting and fostering the development of these future leaders, and we look forward to seeing all that they will accomplish in the years to come.