SPE Detroit recognizes the efforts of Outstanding Members every year. Below are our award recipients from the past 10 years:

2017 Bob Petrach
2016 Sassan Tarahomi
2015 Dr. Rose Ryntz
2014 Jim Keeler
Todd Hogan
2013 Gary Kogowski
2012 Sandra McClelland
2011 Bill Windscheif
2010 Cindy Hammer
2009 Ron Price
2008 Tom Miller

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
The Pinnacle program of SPE recognizes Sections and Divisions that successfully create and deliver member value during year. Sections and Divisions are reviewed in four categories of achievement: organization, technical programming, membership and communication. SPE Detroit received the Pinnacle award in 2015 and 2016.


Detroit Section Awards Review

1.     Section Pinnacle Award: Responsibility…. President/President-Elect

·      Submit to SPE HQ by Dec.

·      Presentation at ANTEC in April/May

2.     Lifetime Achievement award 1 or 2: Primary Responsibility…Awards Chair with Awards committee along with President and Past-President.

·      Nominations by Feb. Presentation in April

·      Criteria: “SPE members out there who have had Long productive careers and belong to Section” yet not necessarily been active on the BODs. Considered calling the award the “Unsung Hero Award”

·      Awarded 3 in 2004: George Sheele, Larry Kushkin and Robert Williams. 2 in 2005: Irv Poston and Ron Price. 2 in 2010 Norm Kakarala and Don Root. 3 in 2013, John Haas, Tom Powers and Nippani Rao; 2014: Bill Windscheif; 2015 Pete Grelle

3.     Individual Section Star awards, 2: Primary Responsibility…President

·      Nominations by January. Presentation in May

·      Criteria: Section Individual achievement over 2+ years. Max 2 recipients per year. TBD by vote of Board. Repeat winners possible after 5 years lapse.

·      2015: Gary Kogowski and Adrian Marrington2014: Chris Surbrook and Dawn Cooper, 2013: Pete Grelle and Sassan Tarahomi: 2010: Kelly Beauchamp and Bob Petrach, 2008: Sandra McClelland and Lori Stephens, 2007 Matt Carroll and Norm Kakarala, 2006: Tom Powers and Tom Pickett

4.     Outstanding Achievement Award, 1: Primary Responsibility…President

·      Nomination by April. Presentation in May.

·      Criteria: President’s Choice.

·      2014: Sandra McClelland, 2011:Jim Keeler, Others include, Cindy Hammer, Don Root, Ron Price, Tom Miller, Alison Knapp, Don Meadows, Nippani Rao, Ted Combs, Mike Schumaker and Tom Powers.

·      Discontinued. Same as Special Recognition award

5.     Community Service Award, 1,2 or 3: Primary responsibility…Awards Chair

·      Nominations by April. Presentation in Oct.

·      Criteria:  Significant volunteer and financial contributions to the section for a minimum of 5 years. A maximum of 3 companies, Large, medium and small.

·      Recent recipients: 2010: Ticona, Exxon Mobil, Uniplas and Delphi/Inteva

6.     Outstanding Member Award : Primary Responsibility… President-Elect&     The Nominator.

·      Nomination by April. Presentation in Sept.

·      Criteria: Exceptional contributions to Detroit Section for a minimum of 7 years. Significant contributions to plastic industry and participation in the greater society (SPE)

·      2015: Sassan Tarahomi 2014: Rose Ryntz, 2013: Jim Keeler and Todd Hogan, 2012: Gary Kogowski, 2011 Sandra McClelland, 2010: Bill Windscheif, 2009: Cindy Hammer, 2008: Tom Miller, 2007: Ron Price, 2006: Tom Pickett, 2005: Ted Combs, 2004: Mike Kirtley, 2003: Don Root, 2002: Nippani Rao, others: Tom Powers, Norm Kakarala, Doug Stratton, Chuck Lutton, Lou Lewallen

7.     Special Recognition: Primary Responsibility…President

·      Nomination by April. Presentation in May/June

·      Presidents Choice.

·      2015 Sandra McClleland, 2014: Gary Kogowski

8.     Past President Award: Primary Responsibility…President-Elect

·      Presentation at the June or Sept meeting

9.     Diamond Award: Primary Responsibility… Awards Chair

·      Criteria: Detroit Section member for 30+ years. Every 3 to 5 years

·      Presentation at AutoEPCON, April 30, 2013

10. Honored Service Member: May be nominated by any Section Board   Member.

·      Criteria: Minimum of 18 years experience credits and senior member in good standing for 6 consecutive years. For more details see awards chair.

·      Submit by Oct.30 to National HQ.

·      2015: Bill Windscheif, 2014: Jim Keeler did not submit, 2013: Tom Miller, 2012: Sandra McClelland, 2010: Irv Poston, 2008: Ron Price, 2007: Tom Pickett, 2006: Don Root,2005: Nippani Rao, 2004: Tom Powers, 2003: Norm Kakarala, plus 8 others from 1987

11. Fellow of the Society: May be nominated by any Section Board Member

·      Criteria: To be elected a Fellow of the Society a candidate must have demonstrated outstanding achievements, sponsored by a section or division, have a minimum of 18 experience credits and a senior member in good standing for six consecutive years.

·      2014: Sassan Tarahomi, 2013: Irv Poston, 2006: Rose Ryntz and 2004: Norm Kakarala.

12. ESD Gold Award. Nominated by Detroit Section Board member

·      Selected and recommended by the Detroit Section Board

·      Presented at the ESD Annual Gold Award Banquet in February each year.

·      2014: Irv Poston.


Awards Committee: Nippani Rao, Irv Poston, Tom Powers, Norm Kakarala, Ron Price, Sassan Tarahomi and Pete Grelle


Nippani Rao, Awards Chair

Revised 06/15/16