2020 Scholarship Winners

Delta Polymers Scholarship Award

Chelsea Wright

Chelsea Wright is a junior at Kettering University majoring in Industrial Engineering.  She is active in the SPE student chapter at Kettering.

Chelsea is an advocate for the creation of new inventions that will be sustainable, reduce waste and will affect future generations for the better.  One of her ideas is to use plastic bottles in the construction of concrete blocks and slabs for building houses .Since plastic has the basic property of being insular, it can be added along with or in place of other insulation materials to provide/maintain the temperature of buildings.




Future Leaders Scholarship Award

Samantha Thiessen

Samantha Thiessen is a junior at Ferris University majoring in the plastics Engineering Technology.  She is the president of the student chapter of the Society of Plastics Engineering at Ferris University.

Over the past few years, she has developed multiple designs for plastic containers in the food industry that could benefit the average consumer.

Along with her plastics engineering studies, she wants to pursue a master’s degree Business Administration with the hope of one day starting her own business.




Dr. Regnald Bell Scholarship Award

Jordan Howell

Jordan Howell is a 5th year senior at Kettering University, majoring in Industrial Engineering. He is president of the A-Section of the SPE student chapter at Kettering.

He was active in the effort to bring the PlastiVan to a school in Flint, with the hope of creating a foundation for students to understand the importance of STEM and the value of plastics in our everyday lives.

He wants to make a significant impact in the plastics industry to ultimately solve issues within the automotive and manufacturing industries.




Women to Watch Scholarship Award

Jillian Ulinski

Jillian is a senior at Kettering University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  She is president of the SPE student chapter at Kettering.  She has been instrumental in finding a way to recycle the plastic used in the Kettering 3D lab.

She has aspirations to develop a company that uses recycled plastic materials to create different plastic products.